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Cinema operation

Each theater has a dedicated children's theme  screening room dedicated to creating the  largest and most widely distributed children's  theme cinema in China.

Through self-construction and acquisitions, the number of  core theaters will be rapidly increased. The number of  theaters planned to be acquired by 2019-2022 will reach  50 (three have been signed), covering core business  districts of core cities such as Shenyang, Dalian, Harbin,  Anshan and Qingdao.
(The first two stores in Shenyang will start operating inFebruary and March 2019)
Completing the acquisition of the well-  known chain of cinemas in Liaoning  Province (in progress) becoming the  largest cinema management company in  the Northeastern China.

Recent release
  • Name: The Human Comedy

    Time: 2019-03-29

    Director: Zhou Sun

    Screenwriter: Zhou Sun/Peng Cao/Hongming Geng/Zongqian Zhang

    Tostar: Allen/Zhi Wang/Nuo Lu/Shih-Chieh King/Simon Yam

  • Name: My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

    Time: 2019-03-15

    Director: Kenji Nagasaki

    Screenwriter: Yôsuke Kuroda

    Tostar: Daiki Yamashita/Kenta Miyake/Mirai Shida/Katsuhisa Namase

  • Name: On the Balcony

    Time: 2019-03-15

    Director: Meng Zhang

    Screenwriter: Keyra Liu/Xiaowen Ren

    Tostar: Dongyu Zhou/Qiang Wang

  • Name: Captain Marvel

    Time: 2019-03-08

    Director: Anna Boden/Ryan Fleck

    Screenwriter: Anna Boden/Ryan Fleck/Geneva Dworet-Robertson/Nicole Perlman/Meg LeFauve

    Tostar: Brie Larson/Samuel L. Jackson/Mckenna Grace